We pride ourselves on FREE First Class Stealth Shipping.

We have a success rate of over 95% of all our packages arriving safely.

Our letters/packages are Professional and Discrete.


Some of our methods of stealth include:

    • Address labels with real Return Address
    • Double vacuum sealed with mylar bags
    • Rubbing alcohol cleaned, each layer
    • Separate sterile rooms for packaging
    • X-ray Proof
    • When opened, it is still hidden
    • May include a decoy


Our methods are continuously being changed and updated.  We obviously aren’t going to let everyone know all our secret methods.

Don’t even throw away your Junk mail without checking very carefully and thoroughly.

We ship every day, Monday to Friday.

We ship to every country in the world.

All orders are shipped out within 24 – 48 hours.

We only keep personal information for 30 days.  It is safely stored and encrypted for only 30 days.  Then, the encrypted info is permanently deleted and wiped clean.


Estimated Shipping Times

USA, Canada 2-3 weeks
Europe 1-2 weeks
Australia 3-4 weeks
South America 3-4 weeks
India 3-4 weeks


If there is a delay, please keep us updated and we will figure it out.

Please Double Check your Name and Address before placing your order.  In the Note Section, on the Checkout Page,  PLEASE also put your Name and Address in the Proper Format for your Country.  We will just Copy and Paste.


Proper Format Address Examples:

John Smith

123 Main St

Los Angeles CA  90210



John Smith

2020 Royal Road

London  E17 7LD



There is a higher rate of success of delivery when you use your real name, but it is up to you.

This is especially true in the United States.  If the letter or package is undelivered because there is a wrong name, that is your fault and we won’t reship.

If it is undelivered because of something on our end, we will Reship your order for No Charge.


Some parts of the world are especially hard to deliver to.

South America
New Zealand
Countries in the Middle East

Even still, we have over 90% success rate to these places.


We Offer 2 Shipping Options:

Free Stealth Shipping

Stealth Shipping with Delivery Guarantee (Tracking) +$30


If your letter/package does not arrive, you will get a 100% Free Reship.

 If you receive a Love Letter, DO NOT throw it away.  Please take a picture of the outside of the envelope and of the letter so that we can confirm what happened to the pack and change our methods.

We will Reship it at No Charge to you.  We suggest using a different address than the original, if possible.  We will also use a different stealth shipping method to ensure Success.