Pure Molly 8 Ball Special


Uncut.  No Fillers.  Nothing is added.

84.33% Pure MDMA.  The Best.


3.5 g of Pure MDMA only $95    * SPECIAL! *

Everybody knows, the world’s best MDMA and Ecstasy pills are made in The Netherlands.  This pure MDMA is professionally made in one of Holland’s finest Laboratories.

Our MDMA crystals are of the highest possible purity.  They consistently test at 84.33% pure MDMA.  This is the highest MDMA can be in crystal form.   It can not be any higher.  The salt that it is based on takes up the other 15%.

Our MDMA Crystals and Powder are extremely Clean.  Nothing else is added.  It goes straight to black on the Marquis test.   Our MDMA Crystals and Powder are made with Love and Care.

Please Keep Safe and read up on MDMA on sites such as Erowid or Reddit before taking, so you know what to expect.

Stay Hydrated, Drink lots of water, especially if Dancing and Partying.

A standard oral dose of MDMA is between 80-120 mg.  Many people will take a Strong Dose of 150-200mg.  Anything over 200mg is considered an Extreme High Dose and is Not Recommended.