XTC – Bananas


All of our Ecstasy Pills contain only Pure MDMA and a Safe, Clean, and Inert Binder.  Nothing else.

Unless otherwise stated, all our XTC Pills contain 200mg of Pure MDMA.

Our XTC Pills are made with Love and Care.

Simply, The Best.


Everybody knows, the world’s best MDMA and Ecstasy pills are made in The Netherlands.  These are professionally made in one of Holland’s finest Laboratories.

All of our XTC pills are made from our pure MDMA crystals.  The pure crystals are ground down into a fine powder and then mixed with a safe, harmless binder and hard pressed into pills.  We make many different shapes, sizes, and colors.  Unless otherwise stated, our pills each contain a Strong Dose of 200mg of pure MDMA.

All our pills are the clean.  Nothing else is added, only pure MDMA crystals and a safe, harmless binder and filler.  They are all of the highest quality, a hard press with great detail that does not crumble.   They  go straight to black on the Marquis test.   Our Ecstasy Pills are made with Love and Care.

Please Keep Safe and read up on MDMA on sites such as Erowid or Reddit before taking, so you know what to expect.

Stay Hydrated.  Drink lots of water, especially if Dancing and Partying.

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